Rock the ballerina look this Spring and Summer

There’s a look to get on board with for the summer, if you were looking for one. Every year sees it around to a certain extent, and it turns out it’s just never a bad idea. Light soft shoes, flowy fabrics and pastel colours… Fashion can turn you into a Pretty Ballerina. No need to pop out your satin body and danse slippers: to master the trend without stepping foot in a dance class, follow this guide! Continue reading Rock the ballerina look this Spring and Summer

Can you wear jeans at the office?

Universal garment for the everyday, jeans have left asiden their original worker fonction to become a big boss of the casual wardrobe. Here are a few imperatives to follow to take your jeans from weekend to office wear. Obviously the first imperative will be to check with your workplace whether or not jeans are acceptable. If not, feel free to print out this guide and hand it to HR 😉

Jeans in the office: stylistic skills

A real all-rounder, standing as a true symol of casual chic, the jean has shown its great stylistic flexibility: intergenerational and intergender, it can make its way in nights out when correctly accessorised, just as it can relax on a sunday in stylish tranquility. Yet, what with playing it cool so much, denim has gained a reputation of casual garment that limits its access to the ultra-codified office dresscode.

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Three ways to wear the minimalist sandal this summer

Classy and confortable, minimalist heeled sandals are the stars of the summer season! Simple, with straps, fringes, tassels… To stay chic day and night, follow this guide, we’ll tell you all about the sandals for your summer.



Thinking of simple shoes that give a killer foot, we summon the minimalist heeled sandals! As chic as they are sober, they are the perfect shoes to shape your leg with class and distinction. Not only to they go with everything, but also with every occasion. A simple heel, a strap at the front of the foot and one around the ankle… It’s all you need to look good this summer!

In terms of style, you only have to choose: square heels or stiletto heels, large or super thin straps, funky prints or texture plays… we just want to buy them ALL. Colour-wise, black will be your super classic option, always a winner, but you should feel very free to go for colours and prints. What to wear it with? What style to choose? Follow the guide…

With a dress or a skirt

The most simple and chic solution is of course to pair your strappy sandals with a dress or a skirt! Skater, straight, A-line, long, slanted… You choose what suits you better: strappy heeled sandals go with all those styles.

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Tied shirt + pencil skirt + minimalist sandals = 10/10 !

Ideal for nights out, weddings, ceremonies… it’s kind of impossible to make a faux pas with these minimalist sandals at your feet: A nice leg and a strong look without overdoing it. What else ?

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How on earth to you choose things you’ll ACTUALLY wear???

Hordes of street style stars, jungles of garnments, herds of fahion hungry sheep looking for the perfect look… How on earth does one make her way through the fashion offer and emmerge victorious from a shopping spree???

Let’s all be a bit honest here: no matter how long we’ve been keeping our eye on the fashion scene, polishing our style to match our tastes and personality, elevating our wardrobe to the position of sacred temple – we’re a bit lost sometimes. Choosing is hard. At some point we all find ourselves staring at infinite clothes and silhouettes that could be ours – or could they? Would that fit me? Is that colour actually nice? Will I actually wear this???

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Three looks for a spring wedding

If wedding season hasn’t officially started yet, we can bet a few of you have one or two weddings to attend this Spring season. And you can completely understand your friends for choosing this time of year. After all, what better time to seal the deal? Flowers are blooming (as opposed to burned), the grass is green (as opposed to burned), birds are singing (as opposed to hiding in the shade), temperatures are nice and mild (as opposed to scalding) so you can wear your pretty dresses without sweating disgracefully – That’s right SUMMER, we’re looking at you.  Continue reading Three looks for a spring wedding