How on earth to you choose things you’ll ACTUALLY wear???

Hordes of street style stars, jungles of garnments, herds of fahion hungry sheep looking for the perfect look… How on earth does one make her way through the fashion offer and emmerge victorious from a shopping spree???

Let’s all be a bit honest here: no matter how long we’ve been keeping our eye on the fashion scene, polishing our style to match our tastes and personality, elevating our wardrobe to the position of sacred temple – we’re a bit lost sometimes. Choosing is hard. At some point we all find ourselves staring at infinite clothes and silhouettes that could be ours – or could they? Would that fit me? Is that colour actually nice? Will I actually wear this???

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Three looks for a spring wedding

If wedding season hasn’t officially started yet, we can bet a few of you have one or two weddings to attend this Spring season. And you can completely understand your friends for choosing this time of year. After all, what better time to seal the deal? Flowers are blooming (as opposed to burned), the grass is green (as opposed to burned), birds are singing (as opposed to hiding in the shade), temperatures are nice and mild (as opposed to scalding) so you can wear your pretty dresses without sweating disgracefully – That’s right SUMMER, we’re looking at you.  Continue reading Three looks for a spring wedding