How on earth to you choose things you’ll ACTUALLY wear???

Hordes of street style stars, jungles of garnments, herds of fahion hungry sheep looking for the perfect look… How on earth does one make her way through the fashion offer and emmerge victorious from a shopping spree???

Let’s all be a bit honest here: no matter how long we’ve been keeping our eye on the fashion scene, polishing our style to match our tastes and personality, elevating our wardrobe to the position of sacred temple – we’re a bit lost sometimes. Choosing is hard. At some point we all find ourselves staring at infinite clothes and silhouettes that could be ours – or could they? Would that fit me? Is that colour actually nice? Will I actually wear this???

Woman in Black Scoop Neck Sweater and Blue Denim Shorts
It’s easy to get caught in this collective hysteria of blind consuming, and be flooded with completely contradictory desires. And the result can be disturbing: Who are we really in the end? How many of us have been through that young adult stage where we done a different style everyday, trying to satisfy our every fashion desire over a single week? Boyish suit on monday, tea dress on tuesday, jeans and band tee on wednesday…
It takes time, finding your own unique everyday “costume”, that is joyful AND easy, that can be declined in various versions (so as to not end up with a uniform) – and most importantly that completely defines us and our style.
Here’s a good test to know if you’re making a mistake when you’re getting ready to purchase something – with a little scenario to imagine, or re-live, because you very well may have been there already.
Pink Petaled Flower
So here’s the situation. You are going to a small lunch get together with a friend, at her friends’ house because she has a terrace (and you’re jealous). You don’t know many people but it’s going to be a nice, sunny little afternoon in civilised company. Except your glass missed your mouth (did it change spots or something??) and splash, you need a change of clothes. You don’t know these people well enough to stay soiled and laugh it out, nor to borrow some clothes. You’re going to have to hide in the bathroom run down to the first shop you stop and get something to put on your back. Admit it, you’re not that sad at the idea of a new garnment. Now imagine you pop into a shop – if it makes it easier imagine a shop you know, or check out their website – what’s the item you pick up? The easiest thing in the world, the thing in which you feel good, you don’t have to ask yourself questions, it corresponds 100% to your style. Find that piece, and you’ll have something you go back to over and over again. It could be a simple sailor tee, a printed shirt, a cute cami…

So the mantra is this: When you enter shop, you have to want to wear to one thing there, now. If it’s good for your cousin’s party, good for that skinny jean of your dreams, good for that countryside weekend you have planned… Chances are, it’s just good. Even when picking the craziest pieces, ask yourself some questions.

Sitting Woman Wearing Checked Shirt on Rock Cliff over Green Trees

Step away from the idea that a garment will change your life. You carry it, not the other way round 😉

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