Can you wear jeans at the office?

Universal garment for the everyday, jeans have left asiden their original worker fonction to become a big boss of the casual wardrobe. Here are a few imperatives to follow to take your jeans from weekend to office wear. Obviously the first imperative will be to check with your workplace whether or not jeans are acceptable. If not, feel free to print out this guide and hand it to HR 😉

Jeans in the office: stylistic skills

A real all-rounder, standing as a true symol of casual chic, the jean has shown its great stylistic flexibility: intergenerational and intergender, it can make its way in nights out when correctly accessorised, just as it can relax on a sunday in stylish tranquility. Yet, what with playing it cool so much, denim has gained a reputation of casual garment that limits its access to the ultra-codified office dresscode.

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Jeans in the office: what styles to avoid?

To counter its lack of professionalism, prefer raw models, with no wash or fabric deterioration. The more the fabric is bleached, torn or frayed, the less appropriate it will be for hte office. Also, avoid a casual overkill by pairing your jeans with other chilled out items such as t-shirts, hoodies, or trainers. Another major faux pas: the total denim look, which is not only reserved for the fashion masters, but also totally inappropriate in the corporate world.

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Jeans in the office: what items to wear them with?

To slip into the corporate world, the indigo fabric has to lose its casual nature. To do so, you’re better off opting for a certain sartorial severity by pairing it with more formal pieces. For example: a denim shirt with a pencil skirt or suit trousers, or a jean with a white shirt and a blazer. On your feet, opt for the fail-proof elegance of derbies, loafers, or pumps (allow minimalist sandals in the summer if the office permits it!)

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